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Water Safety Management Qualifications

- Working on or near the waters margins?

- Organising wellbeing retreats where clients can go wild swimming?

- Taking groups of students out on their DofE near a canal or to measure beach profiles on a geography field trip?

Should the unimaginable happen, each of these situations have elements of liability for the organiser, be that an officially organised event like a school trip or an informal gathering of likeminded friends.

Different Perspective Training Ltd proudly offer the Aquatic Safety Qualification from Atlantic Crest, accredited by the Institute of Outdoor Learning. Courses are tailored to your needs and working environment.

Please get in touch to discuss your training needs...

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Public Courses

Book onto one of our training courses open to the public. Learning with like minded people, sharing experiences, developing new skills and learning together.

Great courses, taught thrgouh experience, not PowerPoint!

Aquatic Water Safety 

The modular Aquatic Safety Qualification endorsed by the HSE and accredited by the Institute of Outdoor Learning is designed for those working on or near water either on their own or in a supervisory capacity, such as; research scientists, bio-engineers, agricultural workers, scout leaders and teachers.

This occupational qualification will develop confidence and competence, of anyone operating in or around the water margins, providing knowledge and skills to make informed water safety decisions that are underpinned by robust management and prevention principles.


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ASQ Level 1 -

Aquatic Safety Principles

The Level 1 core module, Aquatic Safety Principles, provides the underpinning knowledge for good water safety management practices and primary emergency rescue skills. This is achieved through practice in identifying hazards and mitigating risks, as well as providing land-based emergency rescue skills.

Additional Level 1 modules include Aquatic Risk Management and Aquatic Rescue Equipment, which includes personal floatation de vices, personal protective and rescue equipment.

Level 1 is aimed at both lone workers and Activity group leaders operating around the water margins. Candidates will not enter the water at this level.

- Learning Outcomes

- Who is it For?

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Mental Health First Aid 

Mental Health is about how we think, feel and behave. First Aid for Mental Health is the initial support provided to a person experiencing a mental health problem until professional help is received or until the crisis is resolved.


- First Aid for Mental Health Awareness, 4hr

- First Aid for Mental Health, 6hr

- First Aid for Mental Health Supervising, 12hr (2-day)

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