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Inclusion & Resilience Programmes

Resilience, Intervention & Inclusion Through the Outdoors

At Different Perspective Training we believe that every student is deserving of the opportunity to shine.

We specialise in encouraging students to re-engage with their education, to take responsibility for their own learning and their future. Our aim is to guide students towards the realisation that they are the protagonists of their own destiny. We have a series of bespoke programmes designed to empower students to re-engage with their education.

Our Resilience, Intervention and Inclusion Through the Outdoors programmes are tailored to each school’s needs and resources and focus on getting students outdoors where the change of environment coupled with the inherent challenge of outdoor activities, will encourage students to start engaging with each other in a more productive and supportive way. We have designed a unique series of programmes, which enable students to reflect on the impact their decisions and actions have, both on their own lives and education and on the lives and education of others.

The end point of each of these programmes it to get the students back into the classroom as ambassadors of progress and self-study. Our aim is to enfranchise students with the desire and drive to be resilient and independent learners. By the end of our programmes, students will have a greater appreciation of the right of every student in a classroom to learn in a safe and collaborative learning environment. We also encourage students to see that the role of the classroom teacher, and other school staff, is to facilitate their learning and aid them in developing their skills and interests – a teacher can teach but only the student can choose to learn.

The Essence of Education - Resilience, Performance, Excellence
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Your Future, Your Choice

- Behaviour Management and Educational Re-integration


These programmes are specifically tailored for students who are struggling to engage in lessons and are impacting the learning of others.

Programme Aims - To enable students to re-engage with the academic curriculum and the classroom environment.

Learning Journey - A programme of weekly 1/2 day sessions

Secondary Integration

- Managing Integration & Social Change


These programmes take specific students from various feeder schools that are likely to find transition from Primary to Secondary Education difficult.

Programme Aims - To combat integration nerves specifically peer integration and dynamics as well as managing shift in educational structures.

Learning Journey - A single day programme of outdoor and school-centric activities.

Education; The Game

- Pushing the Middle Out of the Shadows


These programmes focus on the quite, easily ignored, middle of the road students who in danger of declining aspirations and ambition.

Programme Aims - To give students the tools to enable them to ignore the silly and distracting behaviours and empower them to excel beyond the mediocre.

Learning Journey - From a series of short sessions to a single day programme of outdoor focused activities.

This is just a snapshot of a few of our courses.
Please get in touch to discuss you training needs.
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