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How was Lockdown...?

Exciting Times... That's how I started our last post on LinkedIn.

Get outside, enjoy the sunset, fresh air and freedom
Lockdown Adventures on Hungerford Common

They really have been interesting times, haven't they!?!

Our children have had about 162 days in lockdown and we have had them in our care, being their teachers, their confidants, their friends, their inspiration, their hope, their support and their shoulder to cry on.

We have also been their adventure leaders and their guides.

We have cared about and nurtured their development, their learning and their wellbeing.

How has it been? For some it has been a test of strength and will, for others an absolute blast!

Now that schools are back and face-face training is allowed to resume, albeit with restrictions and COVID-19 Mitigation Measures in place, we are delighted to say that our training is back up and running.

What the future holds, I don't think that anyone can predict. Our children are mixing with others and we've all just come back from holiday, mixing with people from all over!

The country is experiencing more and more regional lockdowns and Government guidelines are changing on a daily basis.

Are we going to go into another Lockdown?

Here at Different Perspective Training, we have been busy. We have adapted our business model to refocus primarily on First Aid and Off Site Safety Management training. That said, we are pleased to say that we are still delivering Family Adventures and Outdoor Learning Programmes, as we feel these niche programmes are essential to the resilience and wellbeing of our community and young people.

The programmes have always, and will always, be designed around your needs and timeline. Be it, wanting to know how to get your children outside and how to spend time with them understanding the world around them? Or helping them learn how to be more resilient or indeed understanding what on Earth; Resilience and Wellbeing are!!!

Each course is unique and is tailored to your needs.

If you found Lockdown hard and harder yet, the task of trying to get your kids, or even yourself, engaged with getting outside and away from the x-box/ phone/ computer/ Netflix etc. etc. (there are so many things that are designed to make staying in all too easy!)... then please do get in touch!

Riding along passed fields of cows, What lies ahead?
The Lonely Road Ahead, Lockdown Adventures

No one knows if we are going to get plunged into another lockdown, but whilst we can meet up, train and talk... let's do it!

Let's be healthy.

Let's be better.

Let's be outside... There's a long road ahead of us yet!

Get in touch through messaging us here of via our website contacts page;

Visiting the Ancient Remains of Uffington Fort and White Horse. Get Outside!
As we descend into another trough... Lockdown Adventures Uffington Fort. DPTrainingUK


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