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Private Courses

Courses tailored to the needs of your workplace

We pride ourselves in being adaptable and flexible, working to meet the specific needs of each client their workforce and operating environment.


We can deliver our training courses either at your workplace or from one of our COVID-19 Secure training venues in Devon, Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire or Surrey.

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Public Course Diary

  • 09 Mar, 08:30 – 10 Mar, 18:00
    Hungerford, Berkshire, The Croft Hall, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0JB, UK
    First Aid training for people working outdoors where emergency assistance may be more than 10 minutes away. This unique course is tailored to those responsible for Young People in an EYFS/ Paediatric Care setting in Forest School Environment. Can include Paediatric First Aid Certification (+£20)
  • 09 Mar, 08:30 GMT – 10 Mar, 17:30 GMT
    Hungerford, Berkshire, The Croft Hall, The Croft, Hungerford, West Berkshire RG17 OHY
    First Aid Training for people venturing outside either for work or pleasure to remote settings where help and assistance can be protracted. Delivered in Hungerford, a beautiful rural market town, just off the M4 with on site camping facilities.
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